followthatdreamHappy New Year! I have been sooooo excited for this year because I believe it will be the year for many of your dreams to manifest. I know this for sure because I finally completed my DESIGNING YOUR DREAM book at the end of 2014(thanks again to my concussion for that delay! ha! I can’t be stopped). It all fell into place as the year came to a close, and now it will finally be released just in time for my BIRTHDAY…March 20th! That will also will be the first anniversary of the BOHO DREAM ACADEMY so it makes sense to me! 2014 was such an epic year launching that, and I was blessed with the opportunity to help so many dreamers kick their dreams into high gear! Now here we are in 2015 and I have such GREAT expectations FOR YOU and the year ahead! 2015 is like the final ingredient needed in your cake recipe. You have had the previous years of ingredients, and now 2015 brings in the last one, YOUR CAKE IS READY TO BE BAKED!!!! WHOOHOOO! I know that sounds silly but life is too short not to have fun and laugh as much as possible! I want you to LIVE YOUR DREAMS THIS YEAR! No more messing around. No more delays. Step into what God has planned for you! Step into what’s been DESIGNED FOR YOU! Dreams require action, so let 2015 be the year you DO YOUR DREAM, no longer just imagining it.