I love hosting workshops and conferences. They are the best way for me to offer you a personal, interactive experience and allow you to get the most out of what you are looking for. Whether it’s dreams, fashion or business, workshops are the ideal setting to get motivated and moving. From hourly sessions, to half-day and full-day versions, workshops can stand on their own, or be done as a series as a conference.

We all have a deep desire inside of us to live out our dreams. However, the reality is that many of us are stuck in jobs and we can’t seem to even imagine we could live out any of the dreams in our heart. Based on my book, Designing Your Dream, I will share with you step-by-step instructions on how to live out your dreams and move from where you are today into where you are destined to be tomorrow.  You will walk away with the practical tools on how make your dream become your reality.


The way we look is what gives people their first impression of us. Learn the latest fashion & beauty trends. Get educated on what’s hot for the season. Learn how to dress for the workplace without sacrificing style. Get the inside scoop on Celebrity Style trends, Red Carpet trends and Runway Reports. In addition, workshops include Personal Style Sessions. Fashion trends come and go, but how you can integrate them into your own lifestyle all depends on you. YOU are your own brand. Learn what will work for you. I’ll teach you on finding your own personal style and how to make the trends work for you, by editing out what you don’t need and educating you on what you do.

Life is all about creativity. Many people however, believe they are not creative, don’t work in creative jobs or have developed creative “blocks” and can’t seem to access their creativity. This workshop will help you unlock the block and let the creativity start to flow. It is also designed to help you see that while you may not believe you are creative or work in a creative field, you are a creative being. You will receive tangible steps to accessing the creative realm and start walking in the creativity you were designed for. You will be then be able to create new ideas, come at challenges with a different point of view, and develop creativity you never knew you had.


You’ve got a BIG dream to open a SMALL business.  It’s just like having a baby, millions of women do it daily, but it seems like such an impossible task you wonder how in the world am I ever gonna birth this thing? You may not even possess the skills, experience or no-how to even start a business. In this workshop, I will teach you how to start your new business, how to market your product or service, how to get proper public relations, how to run a successful social media campaign, how to get editorial coverage for your product or service, how and where to advertise, and how to grow a business with little to no capital.


Most women struggle to see who they really are. We are stuck with labels and identities created from lies that have been told to us along the road of life. Whether it is because of past hurts, abusive relationships, childhood experiences or other outside factors many of us have accepted the “package” of believing a lie about who we really are. This topic is designed to help you discover your true identity and put an end to the deception. Ultimately it will set you free to see your organic self and move into your divine purpose.


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