Dream BIGGER, HIGHER and WILDER and soar to new unlimited heights! For me, I want to travel the world, get inspired by other cultures, engage with new people who have different point of views than I do. I want to learn from them, see life through their eyes, try to understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes. People and places that are UNLIKE me inspire me to soar to such greater heights. I suddenly see the world is an unlimited place and space and discover that my binocular point of view is not the only way life exists. My passion for seeing how other people and cultures live inspires me to go to new levels and greater heights than my heart has ever gone before!!!! Today I am ready to soar up to an altitude that takes me way out of my comfort zone and into a space where I need to adjust my breathing! If you want to dream BIGGER then you have to get out of your tent and start looking at the stars! If you can gain an UNLIMITED perspective, the dreams in your heart will begin to explode like fireworks inside of you!!! Then YOU will be able to soar to greater heights where your breathing may need some adjustment, but once you settle in that space you will feel more free than you have ever felt in your life!