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Discovering your Dream, Day 22

Give yourself the gift of time for creativity. That's a priceless part of the process in discovering your dream. It's not always easy to find time to be creative when the cares of the world are weighing on your shoulders. However, soaking and exploring in creativity is key to seeing your dream manifest. Getting yourself in a creative space does take discipli[...]

Discovering your Dream, Day 12

You don't have to dream alone. There are other dreamers around you. Everybody has their own dreams, so it is quite likely that almost anyone you know has something in their heart they desire to do. By surrounding yourself with people who believe in your dreams, you can also inspire them to believe in theirs. It's an equal exchange. By teaming up with another[...]

Discovering your Dream, Day 11

Dream BIGGER, HIGHER and WILDER and soar to new unlimited heights! For me, I want to travel the world, get inspired by other cultures, engage with new people who have different point of views than I do. I want to learn from them, see life through their eyes, try to understand what it's like to walk in their shoes. People and places that are UNLIKE me inspire[...]