dreamdailycoverfinalGuys, 2020 has been a year! One that has taken all of us by surprise. In these times I feel like we all, in our own way, have looked for an anchor, a safety net, an encouragement that our lives aren’t done yet and our dreams are still alive, even in this crazy covid climate. I have been completing a bunch of books during this season, however this one, well it just had TIMING written all over it!  In the last few months more than ever, I was being inundated with requests for encouragement, and felt so strongly to get you this book now more than ever! This book is literally written as a daily prophetic encouragement to you. Answering that call of you wanting more and more daily inspo from me, more than just on my social media. Now you can open this book up each day and find someone cheering you on, supporting your dreams, and giving you the truthful inspiration you need to keep moving forward! I include lots of my personal fashion stories, using them as examples of how things will always work out for you, too. I am beyond thrilled to share my heart with you in this daily devotional. Be sure to grab yourself a copy now while it’s on pre-order! Shipping begins Oct. 12! Get yours now!