You’ve heard it before, you always reap what you sow. Until recently I couldn’t grasp this lesson in every sense of how I had perceived it. When it comes to dreams you have got to do quite a bit of sowing, in so many ways. It could be years before you see that dream harvest. However there is a guaranteed law of sowing and reaping and so you can bank on your dream coming alive like a seed planted in the ground that it will blossom into a strong towering tree with deep roots. That is, if you sow your dream seeds. Think about what are your seeds you need to sow in order to see your dream come into harvest? Take some time to look at everything it’s going to take and start sowing if you haven’t already. And if you have planted that seed years ago and you think it died, you’re wrong. Every seed sown is not dead, it’s just buried. And there’s a guarantee for it to burst forth after the incubation period and break ground to meet the sun. Today start sowing your dream seeds.