Dreaming take courage. It takes courage to quit a job, follow your passion, make a career move, walk in a direction you’ve never walked before, do something you’ve never done before. It takes courage to step out past all of your fears, and simply follow that still small voice in your heart. Courage will never fail you. It’s what defeats your Goliath. To accomplish big dreams you will always encounter a Goliath, that’s part of your story. BUT…you are equipped with the courage to be victorious. Courage is a choice, however. You must choose it over fear. When traveling on the dream journey remember Courage is there with you. Being courageous doesn’t mean you won’t feel fear, it simply means you choose to walk out your dream despite what you feel. So many miss out on seeing their dreams come to pass because they choose the safe feeling of a comfort zone, over experiencing the brief moment of fleeting fear that they may encounter by stepping out. Today, see that courage is what will set you free and what will give your dreams wings to fly. I promise you it’s worth it!