This September, I debuted my first fashion collection at New York Fashion Week. It was a surreal moment when you dream of something and then it manifests. This dream of fashion didn’t only exist for myself however, it existed for others. Fashion is always my vehicle to help others. I started TRADE by Gina La Morte to empower all of us to trade fashion for freedom, and become a means to which we can help millions of women and children all over the world get free from circumstances that keep them enslaved. I believe that #TWOgether we can change the world, through whatever is already in our hands. Fashion is what’s in my hands. That’s what I hope to achieve with this collection and the future of TRADE. Here’s a peek at the collection. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to get involved and support us, please visit my fashion site   tradegroup tradeleathergaucho trademinibaganddress tradebutterflymetal tradelastlook tradebirds tradebluetradecoppertradebutterflycopper