I love story boards. Since I was 12 years old I have been putting them together. I used to sit with my fashion magazines(yes wayyyyy back then!) and rip out “tearsheets”(industry term for magazine pages) and cut out inspiring words I liked, along with images that spoke to me personally. I would then grab my glue stick and scissors and start placing these images on large piece of construction paper, creating a dream board filled of inspiration. Who knew that one day this would become part of my job description?

Today, I still find it a TON of fun putting boards together. Whether they are about fashion, dreams, or plain ole’ inspiration! And now between Pinterest and Polyvore I don’t even need to cut up my highly coveted vintage magazines!

For this inspiration board, I am really feeling these greenish-blue tones mixed with burnished gold and bronze. I am also embracing natural elements like butterflies, birch branches and paper petal flowers. I see open doors and keys of access. I see the butterfly coming out of transformation in it’s full glory. I see flowers in full bloom. All painting a picture of an international fashion dream in full manifestation. That’s where this board took me! I began to see some dreams in my heart become more real, all inspired by simple images and words I found in the process of creating!

Isn’t amazing how words and images can inspire us so much? I love that by putting images and words in front of our eyes and down on paper(and now on our e-tablets) we can begin to take our dreams and inspirations to another level, bringing us one step closer to what we want to see for our lives.

I love that it says in the bible “Write the vision down, and make it plain on tablets, that he who runs may read it.” That means to write your vision down so clearly and specifically that anyone who passes by can read it and understand it. It seems to me God wants us to give direction to do what we love, and wants to see it come to pass. There’s a reason to have a blueprint. A builder can’t build without one. I believe God puts a blueprint in our hearts, and then we do our part as the builder to start to “create” our dream…and it all begins with a storyboard. Get excited and start telling your story on it’s board, today!