It was a late night last night…an exquisite ending to a powerful, life-changing, awesome day! However, I had reflected all day on my post…what did I want to impart, to say, to release? My grandfather always told me “Gina, you have two ears and one mouth. Listen more, speak less.” That’s how I felt about yesterday.  I recognized that I never want to release or impart something that doesn’t come from my heart, or that I do not feel is valuable. I will not speak words just to speak. If I do not have something of value to say, I am not saying anything.
That said, I granted myself the opportunity to enjoy my day and then I realized that was exactly what I was to share…that there will be days in life to simply “enjoy”and not “do”. That part of life’s journey is to enjoy everyday life. So with all of my enjoyment I realized when my head hit my pillow that I missed this post yesterday(yes I posted on fb super late!). So here’s my message for Day 14(you get double posts today!). Enjoy!