Recently, I have had a few friends share with me “Gina, I don’t have any dreams! And if I do, I certainly don’t remember them!“ This is actually a fairly common belief. In fact, I had experienced this myself a couple years ago. We can bury our dreams for various reasons. For some, it could be because of negative experiences creating a false belief in ourselves that our dreams don’t matter. For some it could be from growing up with people in your life constantly telling you it will never happen for you. For others it could be from not believing in yourself. And for some it could be from not being able to believe in the impossible. If you feel like you don’t have any dreams, ask yourself this… Do you have talents in certain areas that you no longer use anymore? Do you find yourself daydreaming and creating scenarios in your head of a life you wish you lived? Do you find you have new ideas on how to solve certain problems? Well, YOU could be the solution! Today, refuse to give in to the belief that you have no dreams, and start believing in the truth that you do.