Be open minded. Sometimes we have our own ideas or concepts in our head about how things in our life are going to play out. We make plans, create the path in our own mind, and then put out the expectation that this will be the way it’s going to happen. Then bam…Life happens! And it interrupts every plan we so clearly mapped out for ourselves. That’s how it is with dreams. I believe in the bible it says that “man makes his own plans, and God laughs”. Haha. Yes, I’ve experienced that. I believe this to be true with dreams. When we submit our own way of how we think we are going to see a dream come true, instead following the divine plan set out before us, we will find that the way to our dream is much more direct, much more fulfilling and so much better than we could have ever imagined in our own heads!!! Which makes the journey to the dream so exciting and FUN!!!!! Today embrace your imagination and let yourself be WOWED much greater than you ever thought was possible on this fun journey to your dream!!!