Give yourself the gift of time for creativity. That’s a priceless part of the process in discovering your dream. It’s not always easy to find time to be creative when the cares of the world are weighing on your shoulders. However, soaking and exploring in creativity is key to seeing your dream manifest. Getting yourself in a creative space does take discipline however. You may think you can’t afford to be creative, but the truth is you can’t afford not to. Make it a priority to schedule some time to be creative and truly dream limitless and out of the box! Giving yourself time to create is a gift that you deserve to give yourself! Whatever it takes for you to be creative, do it! Perhaps it’s turning off your phone, maybe its turning on some music, maybe it’s getting outside and feeling nature, whatever it is start now! No matter the format you need to get creative…maybe it’s paint brushes and an easel, maybe it’s your iPad, or maybe it’s a sketchbook. Whatever tools you need(even if it is your child’s crayons) to get your dream out of your head and on paper, make the time to do it! Once you start flowing in creativity, your dream will grow beyond your imagination, will begin to become a reality and your heart will feel so much happier!