Today is the last day of our 30 day devo to Discovering your Dream.
The last day to me represents so much. Most all, it represents completion. There is an unspeakable joy when a dream you have waited for your entire life becomes complete. Your heart beats faster than it ever has. You smile wider than you ever thought you could. You feel you could conquer the world and there is an exuberance inside of your heart that’s never been there before making you feel like you would relive it all over again if you could! The fact is YOU MADE IT. You hit the finish line. Total victory. Every battle conquered. Every challenge won. You made it to your own personal Superbowl and YOU won the game! There is NOTHING in life that can replace the feeling you get when you’ve dreamt of seeing something happen your entire life and then BAM there it is!!!! Shown up in the real in living color…your once only dream becomes your REALITY.
I feel like this today for alot of those I love around me. I feel an out of body excitement for them as I watch them step into new things new seasons and new places. No matter what size your dream, big or small, the utter gratification and ecstasy of having it come true will leave you with a high you never want to forget. So today enjoy that moment. Embrace that winning feeling. That triumph over every past tragedy. Do not forget to relish in the precious moment of your success! Today is your day to enjoy the pure joy of a dream come true! I know one day yours will, if it hasn’t already!