“Everyone has oceans to fly if they have the heart. Is it reckless? Yes, but what do dreams know of boundaries?” ~ Amelia Earhart

I am a dreamer. It’s what I do. It’s who I am. My life’s journey has been to dream, do and inspire others to do the same. But dreaming without DOING is called daydreaming. It’s dreaming without movement and corresponding action. Last year when I was writing the last print issue of my magazine, Boho, I told my personal story of how my dreams became a living reality. This was the first time I had shared my full story. To my surprise, this feature story got more response than ANY OTHER story we had ever wrote about in Boho. I mean thousands responded! I know it is because everyone has a dream. We are built that way, as humans, to dream. Every one of us has divine destiny in our hearts about why we are here. We are never satisfied until that fulfillment of our purpose is complete. I know, I have lived with that feeling of unrest, where you just KNOW you have something to do, but it’s an uncomfortable position until you figure it out! Every one of you have your own personal journey to figure it out, and that’s where this website and my next dream begins. I have decided to make my next “baby” seeing your through the pregnancy of helping YOU birth YOUR dream. I have been completely blessed beyond my wildest dreams to live out a few dreams of my own, and I can tell you there is NO WAY anyone can help you birth a dream UNLESS THEY HAVE BIRTHED ONE THEMSELVES. I don’t mean walking it out like just seeing it happen, I mean literally experiencing it all. The good and the bad. The sweet and the sour. The pretty and the ugly. The journey to a dream come true isn’t always the smell of roses the entire way, sometimes there are thorns, sometimes you get pricked. The most amazing thing I can say today is that I know how it feels to get pricked by some of those thorns, BUT I also know how gratifying it feels to bloom into a rose even after the pricking. I have experienced every practical step there is to know about how to see a dream come to fulfillment. From the blueprint to the boardroom, I have experienced a divine-planted seed in my heart blossom into a full fruit-bearing tree. Beginning tomorrow, I have decided to release a 30-day devotional to get you to kick-start your dream! You can read each day’s devotional here, or on my Facebook page. If you haven’t liked my Facebook page yet please do so you don’t miss out on this devotional. In a few months, you will also be able to learn all of what you need to do in my new book Discovering your dreams. This book will literally take you step-by-step through your own personal journey to help you birth your dream. In addition, I will be kicking-off my DREAM WORKSHOPS this summer, and would love to meet you and give you an opportunity for a hands-on experience! If you are interested in them or in this series, please let me a comment below or on our facebook page! So are you ready? Are you ready to take that seed that’s been planted in your heart and walk it out to become your reality? A dream manifested? If you are, then let’s take this journey together! I promise you this is your time to see your dreams fulfilled and your life’s destiny become your reality.

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