Dreams take hard work. Some people have dreams and love thinking about them, but they aren’t willing to work for them. Seeing your dream become a reality takes a lot of action, sacrifice and perseverance. It takes the “DO” to see a dream come true! So dreaming without action is simply daydreaming. There are practical action steps you will need to take in order to live out and experience your dream coming true. You will need to experience everything from on-the-job training, internships, classes, mentoring, reading, and most of all-real life experience. Seeing a dream come true is a journey. The thrill of it all is the excitement in the process of what it takes to walk through it. You see, we can all have vision, however, many times you can be so anxious to see the end result that you miss all the in between. The true blessing of experiencing a dream come true is during the journey of the “DO”.