Who knew a pretty picture of a bunch of girls with minty-fresh nail polish could conjure up such a social statement. This image reminds me of how empowered I feel when I come together with a group of girlfriends, yet at the same time it spoke to me about the power of my own individual voice(of which my girlfriends do such a brilliant job celebrating!). Each of us has our own unique message we want to “speak” to the world. We may speak it through what we wear, what we say, or in what we do. But no matter how we broadcast ourselves we must always remember that our voice could be the one that makes all the difference in someone’s life. Sometimes there’s the most power to the audience of one.  So today, think about what your “SPEAK NOW” message is saying to your world. Embrace the power of your ability to have your voice be heard on high, and reflect on what you are wanting to broadcast about yourself right now.