As a stylist, my fascination lies in the actual “styling” of fashion over the big picture of the outfit. For example, details like the difference between the proper cuffing vs. rolling(they are different) of a sleeve, grab my attention much more than the actual shirt itself. I’ve come to my own moment of styling self-discovery that my true affection can be found in HOW to wear things, over WHAT to wear.  That said, I’m inspired to dedicate a weekly post to share with you my personal love for these special styling details. Each week I’ll post what my eyes & heart are tuning into. This week’s post I begin with sharing my love for wearing rings(I prefer vintage)on multiple fingers at a time. I LOVE this styling detail and simply love how it looks, and happy to say I’ve been sporting this style myself.

loving the vintage color and cameo

earthy & bohemian

chunky vintage gold mixed with modern

love the play of color on the nails with the vibrant ring tones

try multiples on both hands