lovewhatyoudoDid you know that your passion leads to your purpose? By pursuing your passion and doing what you love, you will uncover what you are designed to do in life. I once heard someone say, “Your destiny is what moves you, what burns you up inside. It’s that thing that makes you so fired up that you want to do something to fix that unjust situation.” For example, did you ever see or hear of an issue that bothered you so much that you were compelled to tell everyone around you that they need to ‘do something’ about it? Ironically, when you shared it with others, no one seemed to care about it except for you? Well, that’s because YOU are the one whose supposed to do something about it, not everyone else. That’s why you were so passionate about it. I know for myself I have a huge passion to eliminate human trafficking. I have shared this passion with many people, but in those conversations, while the listener might be empathetic they are not nearly as passionate about actually doing something about it as I am. That’s because I am the one with the fire in her belly to make that change. I am anointed to fix and become the solution for that problem. Today, I want you to begin thinking and journaling about all of those ‘things’ that make you feel passionate and that make you want to shout from a mountaintop and change the world for! xo,
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